Sell More Service

Increase Retention at Your Service Center

FIXD increases customer retention and improves the relationship between your service center and customers.


Proactively reach out to your customers when their cars need attention.


Make mobile appointment scheduling effortless with FIXD.


Build satisfaction and loyalty for increased service revenues.

Connect With Your Customers' Vehicles

Give the FIXD sensor and app to your customers so they can better understand their vehicle's needs and you can be there to help them when they need service.

For You

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Service Dashboard

For Your Customers

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Mobile App

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Customer Hardware

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User: Matthew

Vehicle: 2010 Ford Focus

VIN: 89FJ39NJEN09083JE

Vehicle Type: Lease

Mileage: 63,050

Upcoming Service: 4 Weeks

Error Code: P0171

Real Time Diagnostics

FIXD provides deep insights into your customers' vehicles, enabling a higher level of service. Know when your customers need help so you can automatically offer relevant solutions.

What FIXD does for you


Do More with Less

FIXD's automatic notifications make proactive communication with your customers easier than ever.

Automate notifications so you can always be there for your customers in their time of need.

Event-based push notifications enable you to deliver relevant offers through your customers' phones.

Let your customers schedule a service with your dealership directly through the FIXD app.

Tailored advertisements allow for increased customer engagement.

Deployments Made


Plug sensor into customer's car when they purchase a vehicle or arrive for service.


Driver downloads customized FIXD app on their smartphone.


FIXD sensor relays relevant vehicle data to the cloud and to your dashboard.


Drivers receive push notifications encouraging a service when problems are detected.