Timeline for DeploymentThe Steps in Giving FIXD to Your Customers

Step 1


We'll customize the app specifically for your shop.

Step 2

FIXD Package

You'll receive the number of FIXD sensors you specified in addition to customized marketing material.

Step 3


Start giving FIXD to your customers. We'll train you at every step along the way so your team knows what to say to get customers to adopt it.

Step 4


Once FIXD is set up and deployed, we do the work for you. Enjoy a better relationship with your customers with our automated system.

We Make it EasyWe send you marketing material to educate customers about FIXD


The brochures are to be placed around your shop so customers can learn in-depth information about FIXD.  We let the customer know why FIXD is great.

Customer Postcards

Give these postcards to your customers to help them visualize the FIXD app.  These postcards can be given to every customer to highlight the benefits of the app.


We’ll send you a banner to display in your shop.  We can also send a pop-up banner to help you convey the information to your customers when they come in your shop.

App CustomizationWhat We Need From You

Contact Info

We will incorporate your contact information and location into the app so customers will always have an easy method for getting in touch with you.

Auxilliary Services

We’ll need your contact info for any auxiliary partners you may have (towing, mobile battery, etc) .  We will add them into the app for your customers to reference.

Chat Functionality

If you would like the ability to chat with customers through the app, we will add this capability into the dashboard for you.