The FIXD PlatformA solution for your needs

FIXD Dashboard

Understand your customers’ vehicles and take action. Fast and easy.

  • Interactive data visualizations and dashboards.
  • Set up automated marketing campaigns.


Help your customers connect to you when they need your help.

  • Educates a customer about their vehicle.
  • Allows for simple appointment scheduling.

FIXD Sensor

Plug into a customer’s car and communicates with the FIXD app.

  • Transmits data without action from the driver.
  • A small and non-interfering device.

The FIXD DashboardUnique Insights. Powerful Marketing. Proven Results.

The FIXD Dashboard is your key to engaging with your customers.  FIXD allows you to know the instant a customer has a maintenance or repair need and allows for automated messaging tailored to a customer’s specific need.

Event-Based MarketingMarket to your customers when it matters.

Our automated marketing campaigns make it easier than ever for you to communicate with your customers. Set up rules for when customers are contacted and then sit back and relax. FIXD will show you the effictiveness of your campaigns and how many customers are taking follow-up action.

Opportunity AnalysisIdentify Opportunities For Additional Business

Run custom reports to identify customers that are coming up on maintenance or need repair. Schedule a campaign to reach out to these customers to win their business.

More Ways to EngageEasy Paths to Connect to Customers

Customer List

See the health and status of every customer’s car that has FIXD installed.

Campaign Builder

Send targeted marketing messages to relevant customers.

Deep Dive

Detailed data on each customer’s vehicle.

The FIXD AppFor Your Customer In Their Moment of Need

The FIXD App is customized for your shop with your branding and information. Customers will reminded of maintenance needs and alerted to repair issues so they can then easily schedule an appointment at your shop.


Give your customers peace of mind when the check engine light comes on. For each check engine light, the driver is given the severity of the problem, the consequences of continuing to drive with that problem, and a 2-3 sentence definition of how that problem affects the rest of the car. FIXD does not tell the driver what needs to be fixed, it recommends that a further diagnosis must be performed at your shop to actually fix the problem.


Each customer is given the factory maintenance schedule for their specific make/model/year/engine. They can see exactly what services need to be performed at each maintenance interval to help educate drivers on what is required to properly maintain their vehicle. FIXD also provides mileage-based reminders to alert drivers when they are approaching a maintenance interval.

Mobile Push NotificationsRelevant Reminders

Your customers will receive reminders for maintenance, repair, and promotional offers in a format that has much higher engagement than email or direct mail. Each notification allows the customer to take direct action right from their phone.

In-app Appointment SchedulingFast. Easy. Scheduling.

Our scheduling system takes all of the friction out of the traditional scheduling process. No more manual input for your name, make, model, year, mileage, services needed. Requesting an appointment will take your customers less than 10 seconds.  

Customized for Your ShopEverything you Need

Packed with custom features just for your shop. Allow your customers to access your contact information, your preferred towing provider, and to even message your shop.

Multi-Vehicle ControlAll Your Vehicles In One Place

The FIXD App allows you to see the health and status of every car in the family from your app. Schedule a service for others when they are approaching maintenance intervals or need repair.

The FIXD SensorSmall. Discreet. Powerful.

The FIXD Sensor plugs into the OBD-II port of any car 1996 and newer and connects wirelessly to the FIXD App via Bluetooth Low Energy. The FIXD Sensor’s small compact design allows it to be out of sight, out of mind.